My Hero Academia

Honest – complete
Summary: Midoriya comes back from his internship with Night Eye looking worse than he’d gone out.
Rating: G
Relationship: Iida/Izuku
Words: 3,100

Summer’s Fool – complete
Summary: “NEEDED: Generic Father Figure For Backyard BBQ.” Sero organizes a class reunion.
Rating: T
Relationship: Gen, Sero & Hagakure
Words: 7,300

The Kind Sort – complete
Summary: Kirishima tells Izuku some things he really needed to hear.
Rating: G
Relationships: Bakugou/Kirishima, Kirishima & Izuku
Words: 2,000

Walk Forward – complete
Summary: Kirishima makes a move. Katsuki doesn’t handle it well.
Rating: T
Relationship: Bakugou/Kirishima
Words: 7,500