Other Stories

Sharing – complete
Fandom: Blue Exorcist
Summary: Rin gives them food. Bon gives him some peace.
Rating: G
Relationship: Bon & Rin
Words: 2,600

Outside the Realm of Gratitude – complete
Fandom: Fire Emblem – Three Houses
Summary: For the first time, Lorenz does not find the bathhouse empty.
Rating: G
Relationship: Claude/Lorenz
Words: 1,500

This Has Bite – complete
Fandom: Golden Kamuy
Summary: Ogata attends Kiroranke’s yearly holiday party for only one reason.
Rating: T
Relationships: Ogata/Sugimoto, past Ogata/Kiroranke
Words: 2,900

The Building Process – complete
Fandom: Mob Psycho 100
Summary: A few weeks after their first meeting, Mob comes back to the office with blood on his face and a filthy cat in his hands.
Rating: G
Relationship: Reigen & Mob
Words: 3,100

Febrile – complete
Fandom: Mushishi
Summary: The excuse of ridding Adashino of the Mushi is just that, truly—an excuse.
Rating: E
Relationship: Adashino/Ginko
Words: 5,800

Tie – complete
Fandom: Naruto
Summary: Time erodes even the strongest barriers.
Rating: G
Relationship: Itachi & Kisame
Words: 1,500

Any Helpful – complete
Fandom: No.6
Summary: Safu is asked for assistance by Shion. She ends up helping Nezumi too.
Rating: T
Relationship: Nezumi/Shion, Nezumi & Safu
Words: 3,200

Set You Apart – complete
Fandom: Soul Eater
Summary: Being wielded by Stein again comes with a realization.
Rating: M
Relationship: Spirit/Stein
Words: 4,800

Red – complete
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Summary: “Do you understand, Sidon?” Sidon doesn’t. Not for a century.
Rating: G
Relationship: Sidon & Mipha
Words: 1,300

In Normalcy’s Good Name – complete
Fandom: Transformers: Prime
Summary: Ratchet meets her at ass o’clock inside the worst diner in town. She is everything he dislikes wrapped in skimpy clubbing outfits, but friendship, occasionally, settles despite better judgment.
Rating: M
Relationships: Ratchet & Starscream, Optimus/Ratchet
Words: 15,000

Count Your Winnings – complete
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Summary: Kissing Yuuri for the whole world to see doesn’t fix everything.
Rating: T
Relationship: Yuuri/Victor
Words: 3,000