Persona 5

Allowance – complete
Summary: The metaverse may bring out every chip in Makoto’s armor and pour recklessness out of her loosened reserve, but even then, she is in control.
Rating: T
Relationship: Makoto/Ann
Words: 2,100

Felled – complete
Summary: At the dawn of their doomed partnership, in a moment of weakness, Joker gives Akechi a chance.
Rating: G
Relationship: P5 Protag/Akechi
Words: 3,200

First to Give – complete
Summary: Goro couldn’t let his guard down, but there was nothing to do about the fact that he wished he could.
Rating: G
Relationship: Akechi & Futaba
Words: 2,100

Grace – complete
Summary: Akira can call them “links” in his head all he wants, Yusuke is always a little more than that.
Rating: G
Relationship: P5 Protag/Yusuke
Words: 1,700