Mo Dao Zu Shi / The Untamed

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow – WIP
Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi
Summary: Cangse Sanren was the first of her kind to become a cultivator. Talented, passionate, free-spirited, she bested everything that ever came her way until the very end.
Jiang Fengmian refuses to see her son deprived of that same freedom.
Rating: M
Relationship: Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian
Words: 303,200

Blind Eye – complete
Fandom: The Untamed
Summary: Nie Huaisang is born a girl.
Rating: T
Relationships: Nie Mingjue & Meng Yao & Nie Huaisang, Nie Mingjue & Lan Xichen
Words: 3,400