About me 

The name is Romane (pronounced ro-mahn, not like the lettuce), most people call me Ro! Feel free to use either or both or just address me as izanyas. I use it/its or e/em/eir pronouns, I’m white, and I’m an adult in my late twenties.

English is my second language and I am self-taught, so my grammar is not always the best. I have a beta to help me with those things, but please be indulgent with me.

About my stories

I write both ship and gen fic and have an incorrigible fondness for longing from a distance and characters refusing themselves what (or who) they want.

I err mostly on the side of angst and recovery when I write, though I can and do write humor. Themes you’ll find often: family dynamics (good and bad), LGBT themes and struggles, friendship, (mutual) pining, fumbling emotional sex, characters working through their issues. I love dramatic tension and dialogue and abuse them as much as I can. Mostly, I love trying to keep a character solid and relatable through their development.

Please ask for my permission before translating any of my works! Thank you.

About explicit content

This website features explicit stories, which are all appropriately rated. I ask my younger readers not to overstep their boundaries. If you are a minor, please do not read E-rated content.

Where to contact me

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