Bungou Stray Dogs

Appropriate Answers – complete
Summary: Yosano doesn’t know what she expects out of an evening spent with Ozaki Kouyou, but it’s a far cry from what she gets.
Rating: T
Relationship: Kouyou/Yosano
Words: 1,600

Bend the Bow – complete
Summary: In vaulting as in all things, Chuuya holds himself up to impossible standards.
Rating: G
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 3,600

Build Upon The Ruins – complete
Summary: The famous and all-winning Double Black gets put aside to gather dust after a battle against a kaiju leaves one of its pilots badly injured. Four years later, the threat against humanity is too dire to afford not to use a fully functional jaeger. Ozaki Kouyou orders Dazai to find a new copilot and fight again.
Chuuya is all for it. Dazai is not. Kunikida finds himself trying to understand the gap full of unsaid things that stands between them both.
Rating: E
Relationships: Dazai/Chuuya, Kunikida & Dazai
Words: 73,500

Bridges Burned – WIP
Summary: The strongest jaeger in the world falls to the Alaskan sea. Two days later, Atsushi meets Akutagawa.
Prequel to Build Upon The Ruins.
Rating: T
Relationships: Atsushi/Akutagawa, Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 12,500

Call – complete
Summary: As it turns out, Chuuya really likes the white suit. Dazai’s not one to complain about Chuuya liking him in normal circumstances; he’s even less inclined to while realizing that he likes Chuuya right back.
Rating: E
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 7,400

Cross My Heart – complete
Summary: Chuuya’s life would be easy if only he weren’t still in love with his first time and first heartbreak.
Rating: T
Relationships: Dazai/Chuuya, one-sided Fyodor/Chuuya
Words: 10,000

Dethroned – complete
Summary: “Give me the egg,” Dazai had ordered in the dark of the lab, unnerved by the stench of death and frightened animals, by the sight of bugs pinned to cushions like grotesque jewelry. “I’ll take it back to Xadia, and your life will be spared.”
Chuuya had been disarmed then. He had not yet taken the stone from the mage who would follow them soon after. But he had stood his ground, his hands carefully holding the egg as if scared of breaking it. “No,” he had replied, teeth bared and eyes glinting with determination. “I’ll take it to Xadia. It has to come from a human. It has to come from me.”
Rating: G
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 3,600

Earlier Than Never – complete
Summary: Chuuya’s school year doesn’t deserve to suffer change just because his once-best friend reappeared out of nowhere.
Rating: G
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 5,200

End of the Famine – complete
Summary: Two weeks after his world is upended, Atsushi confronts Dazai.
Rating: T
Relationship: Atsushi & Dazai
Words: 5,100

Feet Over Harsh Ground – complete | Podfic
Summary: When two foreigners ask the armed detective agency to collect something in the ruins of the military base near Suribachigai, Fukuzawa sends Yosano and Kunikida to investigate. Dazai, the agency’s newest recruit, asks to come along.
Alternately: Yosano accidentally makes a study out of Dazai, Kunikida is too tired for the both of them, and sometimes all it takes to open up is one too many drinks.
Rating: T
Relationships: Dazai/Chuuya, Yosano & Dazai & Kunikida
Words: 8,100

Fragmented: snippets and drabbles from the BSD verse.

Growing Back – complete
Summary: With the agency’s hands tied, there’s only one person Edogawa Ranpo can think of to help break Dazai out of jail.
Rating: T
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 9,200

Gold Lines – complete
Summary: Dazai doesn’t realize how much Chuuya tries to keep hidden—from himself and from others—until the first time they try to have sex goes terribly wrong. It’s a good thing Chuuya’s never been a quitter, and a good thing Dazai, for once, is not keen on letting go.
Rating: E
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 15,500

I’d Love to Go Drowning – complete
Summary: Atsushi must be starting to suspect that Dazai is full of mostly hot air.
Rating: T
Relationships: Dazai/Chuuya, Dazai & Kunikida & Chuuya
Words: 6,800

If Lost – complete
Summary: The port mafia finds a lost baby.
Rating: T
Relationship: Gen, implied Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 4,100

Light – complete
Summary: Chuuya as Kouyou meets him is a snarling, spiteful creature, dragged to her by the neck, more animal than child. He hates her with every fiber of his being. He’d rather die than let himself be jailed.
She loves him from the start.
Rating: M
Relationship: Kouyou & Chuuya
Words: 15,600

Line Up – complete
Summary: Ango needs one very simple thing after the fiasco of Shibusawa’s invasion. The problem is who he wants it from.
Rating: E
Relationships: Chuuya/Ango, implied Oda/Ango and Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 7,700

Margin of Error – complete
Summary: After a failed assassination attempt on his person, Dazai finds himself recovering in an unfamiliar place: a hospital where criminals abound, staff and patients alike, and Dazai’s own doctor is a little too attractive.
Rating: T
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 25,100
TranslationRussian, Chinese [AO3/Lofter]

Nothing Noble – WIP
Summary: In one life, André Gide comes to Yokohama seeking the one who can kill him. He takes Oda Sakunosuke down with him; he triggers the change in Dazai Osamu’s heart.
In another, he comes looking for Corruption.
Rating: M
Relationships: Dazai/Chuuya, Oda/Ango
Words: 25,800

Nurture – complete
Summary: Atsushi and Kouyou discuss Kyouka.
Rating: G
Relationship: Atsushi & Kouyou
Words: 2,100

Owe No Debt – complete
Summary: Regrets were always Dazai’s thing. Chuuya strives forward, doesn’t look back, doesn’t let the past catch up to him any more than he lets Corruption’s bruises halt his momentum. It doesn’t have to change just because he teamed up with Dazai once again. (It does.)
Rating: E
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 34,700

Offers – complete
Summary: Ranpo isn’t enthused about Dazai’s arrival until Dazai starts sleeping with him.
Rating: E
Relationship: Ranpo/Dazai
Words: 2,000

Payoff – complete
Summary: Dazai discovers that Chuuya helped him run away from the mafia. He discovers some things about himself too.
Rating: T
Relationships: Dazai/Chuuya, Dazai & Ango
Words: 5,400

Scale of Success – complete
Summary: Dazai makes due on his promise. Chuuya has to revise his.
Sequel to Margin Of Error.
Rating: M
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 6,200

Slow Learner – complete | Podfic
Summary: Trust between them is a game of one-upmanship; it takes a lot of it for Chuuya to come out, and even more for Dazai not to mess up in answer.
Rating: T
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 3,700

Superman Soul – complete
Summary: Chuuya comes home after a war and finds Dazai waiting for him.
Rating: E
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 6,100

Thread After Thread – complete
Summary: Chuuya and Akutagawa get sent away to hide in a luxurious beach hotel after one of Akutagawa’s mistakes risks exposing them. Chuuya has a not-quite-summer fling, Akutagawa has a sexuality crisis, and they both help each other in ways they hadn’t expected.
Rating: M
Relationships: Chuuya/Akutagawa, Chuuya/OMC
Words: 15,700

Tide – complete
Summary: Dazai wins a bet, and Atsushi and Kyouka get a day for themselves.
Rating: G
Relationship: Atsushi & Kyouka
Words: 3,600

Tomorrow Has Not Yet Come – complete
Summary: Hit by a time-traveling ability, Chuuya finds himself back to where his life began.
Rating: T
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 6,500

Water – complete
Summary: Guilt is easy to hide. Physical sickness, not so much.
Rating: G
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 4,800

Well-Wishes – complete
Summary: Unsurprisingly, it takes a near-death experience to bring the both of them closer.
Rating: T
Relationship: Dazai/Chuuya
Words: 3,900

Portrait of You – complete
Fandoms: Bungou Stray Dogs/My Hero Academia
Summary: Chuuya saves a little girl from her own stupidity during a trip to Musutafu. Uraraka Ochako is a gravity manipulator, a moody child, someone you can’t help but let drag you along wherever she wants. She’s like him and she’s not. She saves him a little, too.
Relationships: Chuuya & Ochako, Dazai/Chuuya
Rating: T
Words: 11,300
Translation: Vietnamese [AO3/WordPress]