and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow (Chapter 27)

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Rating: M

Words: 13,000

Warnings: descriptions of suicide, injury/blood, Wei Wuxian’s general trauma.

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow
Chapter 27

“I thought I might find you here.”

Wei Wuxian hardly needed to turn around and look to find who had spoken. If not for how deeply hidden the treasure cave had been, then for the subdued reverberation surrounding him and the likewise scent of pine tickling his nostrils.

Meng Yao did not rush to join him near the makeshift altar. Once he was by Wei Wuxian’s side, he simply stood and watched the old table as well. And indeed it was an altar, with no name tablet in sight and only faded writings for offerings, but a sand-filled pot all the same at the corner which was still filled with stubs of long-burned incense sticks.

“I did not think anyone would pay respect to me in death,” Wei Wuxian said. “Especially not here.”

“I think many people do.”

You could’ve added some pastries, he thought, and from the corner of his eyes he saw Meng Yao smile as if he had heard it.

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