This Has Bite

Rating: T

Words: 2,900

This Has Bite

His mother used to have a name for it. For It. ‘The Issue with Hyakunosuke,’ she called it, when reports would come out of his primary school of him doing all that was asked except what was asked. She was not one to shake or scream, not for such base violence as to hit him either, but she would pinch her lips and suck in her cheek and talk of The Issue with Hyakunosuke. Continue reading

Outside the Realm of Gratitude

Rating: G

Words: 1,500

Warnings: internalized homophobia.

Outside the Realm of Gratitude

It is past midnight.

Lorenz knows this because this is the precise time he has set for himself to bathe since the very first day he came to the Officers Academy, six years ago now. A time when the bathhouse is empty and dark, when the only people roaming the shadowed grounds of Garreg Mach are guards on duty or professors tending to their last nightly tasks. There is never anyone within the bathhouse after midnight, although the doors remain open, and Lorenz likes it that way. He has always preferred it that way. Continue reading


Rating: G

Words: 2,600


“What do you mean a strike?” Ryuuji asks.

The lady in front of him doesn’t seem impressed in the least by his tone. It makes him feel faintly bad; she looks like she’s had to deflect the same question for hours, and technically, it’s not her fault the cafeteria is closed. His cheeks grow warm.

“I mean a strike,” she replies curtly. “No one’s going to be serving meals here until it’s over.” Continue reading

Venture Out of Boredom (Chapter 5)

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Venture Out Of Boredom
Chapter 5

There is something about watching a group of very powerful people emerge from the shadows like they’re posing for a photoshoot of doom that makes one’s problems feel very, very insignificant. Hyacinthe feels crushing fear for all of thirty seconds before his brain gives up on trying to feed him such intense levels of emotion and settles on blank, with side bad. Continue reading

Venture Out of Boredom (Chapter 4)

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Venture Out Of Boredom
Chapter 4

Hyacinthe blinks, and the white cogs disappear.

His heart is beating in his throat, almost suffocating in its intensity; around him the room is spinning because of all the blood rushing to his head, and soon enough he starts seeing things again—shadows and dark spots, like bugs flying around—before he realizes that he’s not breathing at all. Continue reading

Venture Out of Boredom (Chapter 3)

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Venture Out Of Boredom
Chapter 3

Are you still in Japan?

This is the first message Hyacinthe has gotten from Mammon in almost a week, now. It’s what greets him when he opens his eyes to one of the Sawada household’s many guest rooms this morning. For a couple minutes he blinks tiredly at the screen of his phone and regrets that he stopped wearing glasses when he was fourteen. Continue reading

Venture Out of Boredom (Chapter 2)

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Venture Out Of Boredom
Chapter 2

“The archives,” Mammon said.

Squalo looked at them like he wanted to scream.

“Yes,” he repeated, voice tight on seething rage, “the fucking archives.”

Mammon played with the hem of their robes. Anger had little effect on them besides that of making cold grow through them and their will to care seep out through their pores. “I don’t even know where they are.”

“Do I look like I do?” Squalo roared. “Just fetch me the fucking file, you piece of shit!” Continue reading

Venture Out of Boredom (Chapter 1 – Index)

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Rating: T

Words: 39,100 total

Warnings: canon-typical violence, attempted suicide.

Venture Out Of Boredom
Chapter 1

File #2B104CZ is missing.

Hyacinthe spends a good ten minutes staring fixedly at the spot where file #2B104CZ should be, but isn’t, before deciding that it’s time for a break anyway. His only coworker is neck-deep into her own pile of files and letters—tomorrow’s letters, even, while Hyacinthe is stuck contemplating the pile from yesterday morning that he hasn’t had the energy to get started on yet—so he lets himself out without a word. Outside the weather is especially bad, which is never enjoyable, and his throat has that scratch of pre-ache that tells him he really shouldn’t be smoking two cigarettes in a row right now.

Hyacinthe smokes two cigarettes in a row. Continue reading


Rating: T

Words: 4000


Battle over, the voice of Checker Face’s goofy assistant comes from Fon’s wristwatch. He barely has time to mourn the expanse of his lungs and the sheer amount of air they can breathe when he’s like this—standing tall and proud and alive for the first time in eons—before he remembers that he ought to be looking forward.

It’s too late. Mammon’s body has already shrunk to child-size, pink and round and monstrous like his is. They’re still bleeding from their mouth and nose. The sight doesn’t bring any relief compared to that of their real face; they’re shaking, Fantasma wrapped around their disproportionately big head, and their stubby fingers are closing on nothing the way Fon’s are. Continue reading

Wait (Part II – End)

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Part II

Yoo Jonghyuk kisses him for the first time with blood flooding his mouth.

It is as if every interrogation he’s had since the Dark Castle crumbled has vanished out of his mind. Days and weeks spent wondering where Kim Dokja had gone and if Kyunguk would survive—if they both would survive—are swept cleanly out of his mind. The quiet and embarrassed moments of wondering at attraction or lack thereof, about men and women, at his own past intimacies. His lips bleed over Kim Dokja’s and his hand fists into Miteum’s fur, and he forgets about it all. Continue reading