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and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow (Chapter 27)

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Rating: M

Words: 13,000

Warnings: descriptions of suicide, injury/blood, Wei Wuxian’s general trauma.

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow
Chapter 27

“I thought I might find you here.”

Wei Wuxian hardly needed to turn around and look to find who had spoken. If not for how deeply hidden the treasure cave had been, then for the subdued reverberation surrounding him and the likewise scent of pine tickling his nostrils.

Meng Yao did not rush to join him near the makeshift altar. Once he was by Wei Wuxian’s side, he simply stood and watched the old table as well. And indeed it was an altar, with no name tablet in sight and only faded writings for offerings, but a sand-filled pot all the same at the corner which was still filled with stubs of long-burned incense sticks.

“I did not think anyone would pay respect to me in death,” Wei Wuxian said. “Especially not here.”

“I think many people do.”

You could’ve added some pastries, he thought, and from the corner of his eyes he saw Meng Yao smile as if he had heard it.

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and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow (Chapter 26)

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Rating: M

Words: 12,300

No warnings

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow
Chapter 26

There was no wall nor bannister at Lan Wangji’s back to prevent his fall, should his feet come close to the edge of the white stairs. Through his stupor, Wei Wuxian thought of shouting for Lan Wangji to be careful, as a fall of this height would no doubt kill him.

Jiang Cheng’s sword Sandu rested a dozen steps below, glinting in the sunlight. Bichen could have defended its master in the face of a disarmed opponent, but Lan Wangji did not grasp it. He did not seem to remember he had a sword at all. Continue reading

Deep Roots’ Journey

Summary: Fairytales teach good lessons to recalcitrant children. In which Sakamoto is a fairy, and Gintoki has a hard lesson to learn.

Words: 6,700

Written for Rebecca! ❤ I hope you enjoy and merry #IsaacSecretSanta!

Deep Roots’ Journey

Once upon a time there was a boy, who liked to water the soil that spread behind his house. He walked out at sunrise with the green can in his hands and stood there, unmoving; until the can was empty and the empty ground was moist and stuck to his shoes and his pants. Continue reading

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow (Chapter 25)

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Words: 13,400

No warnings.

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow
Chapter 25

Lan Sizhui had never seen Jin Ling in a fouler mood.

They had come out of the misty, grim streets of Yi City hours ago, and since then the Jin sect heir had done nothing but spit vitriol at whatever stood in his way. Pebbles on the path, the quality of the food at the inn they went back too. A patch of black-rotted wood on the wall. Lan Jingyi’s insistence to stay with them both rather than lie down and rest.

There was care there, of course—Sizhui was not so blind as not to notice the glaring crush that Jin Ling had sported for Jingyi for years now. But he thought, through his own worry, that the boy’s anger had more to do with other things for once.

Mo Xuanyu had yet to rejoin them, and Hanguang-Jun was nowhere to be found. Continue reading

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow (Interlude 3)

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NOTE: I’ve edited the story to replace the terms alpha/beta/omega with those used by Chinese authors of omegaverse fic. Alpha is now qianyuan, beta is zhongyong, and omega is kunze. I think it suits the story better 🙂

Warnings: sexual harassment of a minor, suicide, Jiang Cheng’s Very Bad Not Good Day.

and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow
Interlude 3

When he still lived within the house of his ancestors, He Xiwang had heard of the forsaken kunze of Yiling. The teacher who came once every few days to teach him and the lone other inhabitant of the place informed them, with pinched and pale lips, of the one called Wei Wuxian; he warned them, in words heavy with disgust, that one day the Yiling Patriarch would come fetch them if ever they strayed out of path. Come and take their bodies and their souls.

Be obedient, she would say. Be virtuous, or he shall come for you. Continue reading

Portrait of You

Rating: T

Words: 11,300

Warnings: underage drinking and smoking.

Portrait Of You

As a general rule, Chuuya hates any assignment that takes him away from Yokohama for longer than a day. This one’s on the shorter side, a few days at the most, but it gets extra contempt for taking him to this place specifically.

“You’ve yet to tell me of any good reason I should offer you fundings,” he tells—Kurogiri, he thinks—the man whose ability seems to be constantly active, since his face is hidden behind a smokescreen, black as ink. “Or my attention, at all.” Continue reading

Count Your Winnings

Rating: T

Words: 3,000

Count Your Winnings

Victor was used to people realizing, very early on, that he wasn’t a nice guy. Achieving a positive image was something he only bothered to do for an audience and for fans, because he knew that a good chunk of his career depended on it. The habit stuck even now that he had more or less announced his retirement, because it was easy, and because he didn’t care to try and change for a better and healthier expression of himself—for the worse, as Yakov would’ve called it.
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In Normalcy’s Good Name

Rating: M

Words: 15,000

Warnings: misogyny, implied domestic abuse, organ stealing.

In Normalcy’s Good Name

It’s rarely earlier than four when Ratchet’s night shift ends. In summer those hours mean that the sky glows pale and blue over the desert, feverish with the coming of dawn, by the time he makes it out of the hospital. He feels that light in his chest and forehead as his steps drag against the pavement. The nearest open diner is a garish place with mediocre food and worse coffee, but it beats going home on an empty stomach. If he attempts it, he knows he’ll wake up shaking with hunger.

He won’t touch the coffee anyway. He’s twenty years past that kind of caffeine tolerance. Continue reading


Rating: G

Words: 1,300


“Do you understand, Sidon?”

Mipha’s voice is never less than kind. It never rises even in anger, never lowers even in sorrow. Sidon is barely tall enough to reach her middle still, but Mipha crouches to his level every time they speak. She sits next to him when he is calm enough to sit, and lies by his side when sleep cannot find him. Continue reading